Towns & Communites

* indicates a current town or community.

  Allard 1888 Church/School near county road 405 near present day Lake Alvarado.
* Alvarado  
  Antioch 1868 Once called Hugh. Three miles NW of of old Grandview.
  Apache Court  
  Barnesville 1853 Between Alvarado and Grandview.
  Bathesda 1855 6 miles S of Burleson
  New Bethany 1903-1960 Three miles NW of Alvarado. Known as Head's chapel. The community was actually Fairview.
  Old Bethany 1872 Land purchased by Hymrick Hooker for 50 cents per acre.
* Bono 1860's 7 miles W of Cleburne. Settled by travelers from Tupelo, MS
  Briar Oaks  
* Burleson  
  Cahill Between Lillian and Interstate 35
  Center Point 1852 Settled by George W. Quick
* Cleburne  
  Cotton Valley Formed by the consolidation of three schools, Cottonwood, Prairie Valley, and County Line School
* Cresson  
  Cross Timbers  
  Easterwood Chapel 1851 W of William Balch's Place(Alvarado)
  Egan 1853 - 6 miles east of Joshua
  Freeland 1856 - Start of the Goodnight-Loving Trail
* Godley  
* Grandview  
  Greenfield 1857 An area formed by 2 communities; Greenbriar & Stubblefield
  Happy Hill  
  Hogan Acres  
  Island Grove 1859 West of Grangeview. First family was Skunner
* Joshua  
* Keene  
  Klondike 1000 acre of land located along the Brazos River. On the mountain back of the Klondike were 70 or 80 Comanche graves. Fern Cave is located on this mountain.
  Lakeview Estate  
  Lane Prairie 1868 Between Cleburne and Joshua, an active church is still ther. First settled by W.F. Sims.
  Liberty Chapel  
* Lillian  
  Lone Willow  
  Mount Carmel  
  Mountain Valley Estates  
  Nolan River  
  Oak Hill  
* Parker  
  Pleasant Point Pleasant Point was located at CR 1010 and FM 917. There was an eight grade school which later consolidated with Godley. Johnson County Rural Water Plant #12 now stands where the school used to be. The Pleasant Valley schoolhouse was moved to Godley and became the lunch room or the home eonomics building (I don't recall which). I recall the old-timers saying it took two weeks to move it the 4 miles. They pulled it with teams and of horses and mules. They went cross country because the road bridges weren't wide enough. Of course, every creek had to be bridged across. I believe this must have been about 1926-1930. On the north side of FM 917 there was a Baptist church. Growing up there (the school site was in the corner of our pasture) we played around the old foundation. There were two 2 hole outhouses and a flag pole there in the 40's. My ggf bought the place in 1892. After all the heir divisions I still have a small farm there. I have been working on my tree for about 2 years. One line is back to 1620.
Andy Asberry
* Rio Vista  
  Rock Tank  
* Sand Flat  
* Venus  
  Wardville First County Seat
  Watts Chapel  
  Weatherford Junction  
  Willow Springs  
  Wooded Hills