Mary Louise Shannon

Mary Louise Shannon, b 1879 Tipplersville, Mississippi, lived in Burleson, Texas 1887-1910. Mary Louise migrated in 1887 by covered wagon from Mississippi to Texas with her family. Her father was a farmer, John Calhoun Shannon (1847-1934), Tipplersville,  Mother - Rhoda Jane Jackson (1849-1932).

Their eight children were Hall, Rhoda, Pearl, Mary Louise, Callie (nickname?), John, Ben and Julia

Mary Louise Shannon married Charles Franklin Stapp, b. Sept.15 1881 Burnet, Texas. Charles and Mary Louise were Southern Baptist Missionary's in Northern Brazil from 1910 until 1952. Mary Louise (Shannon) Stapp died in 1940 and is buried in Brazil. Charles F. Stapp married Pearl D. Stapp in 1941 and retired in Austin, Texas in 1952.

Doctor Hall Shannon-Prominent Doctor in Dallas Texas

Ben Shannon was a doctor also both graduated from Baylor I think. Mary Louise went to Baylor but did not finish but married my grandfather Stapp, who did and they left to become missionary's in Brazil.

Contributed by Mary Louise(Stapp)Parker