"Ferbia O"Rear Harp"

Ferbia O"Rear Harp

Feriba O'Rear Harp was born February 18, 1815 in Georgia, died August 21, 1890 in Johnson County, Texas and was buried in Sand Flat Cemetery. Her husband, Seborn Harp, was the son of Thomas M. and Sarah Martin Harp (Harrup). Seborn Harp, who was a farmer, was born circa 1800 in Chattooga County, Georgia and died in 1873-1874 in Chattooga County. After his death, Feriba Harp and their children came to Johnson County, Texas by covered wagon and settled in Sand Flat. Several of Feriba's brothers and sisters also settled in Johnson County.

The children of Seborn and Feriba Harp were: Benjamin F., Mary, Sarah Jane, James, Elizabeth, Margaret, Thomas B., Daniel Franklin, Louronia Ellen (Ella), and Amanda Louise Harp. Sarah Jane Harp, born October 22, 1839 and died June 22, 1881, married Nathaniel C. Boatwright. Daniel F. Harp, born January 24, 1853 and died April 25, 1942, maried Martha Sugg Harville. Louronia (Ella) Harp, born 1856 and died 1921, married Daniel Wesley Teasley. Amanda Louise Harp, born August 8, 1857 and died November 30, 1912, married William Franklin Beck, born January 11, 1853 and died February 20, 1933.

Feriba O'Rear Harp was the daughter of Benjamin O'Rear, who was born circa 1789 in North Carolina and died in 1855 in Chattooga County, Georgia. Benjamin O'Rear and his father, Daniel O'Rear, a veteran of the American Revolution, are buried in the Macedonia Churchyard in Chattooga County. Benjamin and his first wife, whose name is unknown, had several children: Daniel Floyd, James, and Feriba O'Rear. After his first wife's death, Benjamin O'Rear married Elizabeth Cook on May 27, 1829, in Greene County, Georgia. They had the following children: Benjamin Franklin, Lewis B., Martha A., Monroe Berian, Elizabeth Susan, Mary, Emery, and Thomas O'Rear. After his second wife died, Benjamin O'Rear married Mary O'Donald on November 4, 1849 in Murray County, Georgia. Benjamin O'Rear was a farmer and a veteran of the War of 1812, serving as a private in the Georgia Militia.

Additional information on the Beck, Harp, and O'Rear families may be found in The History of Johnson County, Texas published by the Johnson County History Book Committee in 1985 and Chattooga County The Story of a County and Its People by Robert S. Baker.

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