Lena Beck Murphree


The funeral of Mrs. A. L. Murphree, aged 31, who died from asphyxiation at her home yesterday, will be held at the Murphree home, 416 Williams street, tomorrow morning at 10:30 o'clock. Rev. C. L. Cartwright will conduct the services.

In so far as relatives have been able to ascertain, Mrs. Murphree had attempted to light a fire in the air-tight heater and inhaled the gas that had accumulated there and died from its effects. She was found lying on the floor in front of the stove. The poker and some kindling lay beside the stove. Fire blew out the stove and burned a hole in the floor. Mrs. Murphree's face was slightly burned.

Mrs. Lena Beck Murphree was the daughter of W. F. Beck of Midlothian. She is survived by her husband, A. L. Murphree, and three children, Hoyt, aged 10 years; Bernetta, aged 7 years, and a baby five months old. In addition to these she is survived by her father, three sisters and three brothers. The sisters are Mrs. Una [Euna Donalson] Donaldson of Ennis, Mrs. Lillian Garvin of Waxahachie; Mrs. Hattie Grimes [Ground] of Venus. The brothers are Dalton Beck of Arkansas, Elmer Beck of Waco and Earl Beck of Dallas.

All members of the family are here with the exception of one brother, Dalton Beck.

The deceased was a member of the Methodist church since early childhood. She was also a member of the Royal Neighbors order and a most estimable neighbor, mother and wife. The husband is night superintendent at the Planters Cotton Oil company.

Contributed by Brad Willis