Texas National Guard 1940
Cleburne, Texas

Roster and history of Battery B, 1st Battalion,
132nd Field Artillery Cleburne, Texas as of January 1, 1940

Commissioned Officers

Captain Walker , John T.
First Lieutenant - Kirtley, James W.
Second Lieutenant - Beans, Alva R.
Second Lieutenant - Whiteaker, Robert S.

Non-Commissioned Officers

First Sergeant Bishop, Herbert C.


Allen, Albert J.
Campbell, Jasper C.
Chasteen, Howard C.
Chasteen, Marvin E.
DeGarmo, James M.
Hinkle, Eugene O.
Huffmeyer, Joe A.
Nickell, Lewis L.
Underhill, Loren F.


Cox, Howard C.
Fuller, William H.
James, Robert G.
Johnson, Albert L.
Jones, Jesse
Junell, Carl L.
Marchman, Leroy C.
Steadman, Gordon M.

Privates First Class

Allard, Richard
Davis, David J.
Drake, Fred H.
Ellis, Tee A.
McDonald, Earl B.
McKeel, John D.
Miller, J. D.
Nickell, Knox E.
Steadman, David H.
Veal, John D.
Wallace, Earl M.
Wynn, Carl W.


Allen, J. C.
Hollingsworth, Walter S.
Allen, W. J.
Howe, Herschel V.
Campbell, John V.
Lay, Jimmie D.
Carlock, Richard M.
Lee, Joe A.
Carroll, Horton D.
Livingston, Chester L.
Clark, Stewart
Matthews, Ira P.
Cleveland, Joe W.
Maxey, Royce A.
Cleveland, Wayland D.
McManus, James C.
Coble, Linial M.
McNeill, Jack
Conley, Bill L.
Painter, James O.
Conway, Doyle E.
Peterson, Parman E.
Cox, Henry M.
Polson, Tyrus C.
Crawley, Charles R.
Prater, Charles S.
Ellis, James M.
Reed, Eugene E.
Ellis, Sidney E.
Robbins, Earston A.
Fidler, Charles W.
Roberts, J. C.
Flatt, Bryan A.
Smith, James O.
Ford, Lendon G.
Starnes, John V.
Gould, Clifford L.
Tidwell, Raymon
Green, Chester K.
Trantham, Bobby L.
Hall, H. F.
Wade, James R.
Hamilton, Robert J.
Walker, Joe Q.
Harris, William R.
Walker, Leroy
Hobbs, John A.
Walters, Robert E.
Hollingsworth, Carl P.
West, Harvey
Wicker, Ray H

Factual History

Battery B, 132nd Field Artillery, was Federally recognized October 11, 1922. It has been located in Cleburne, Texas, since the date of organization and has not had the designation of the unit changed. The unit was organized by Captain Jesse B. Crum and was in turn commanded by First Lieutenant John D. Rice, Captain Ray L. Chappelle and Captain Donald R. Nail between the date of Federal recognition and May 1, 1925.

Captain William M. West took command on May 2, 1925, and was in command until November 22, 1928. First Lieutenant William R. Parrish assumed command on November 23, 1928, and was appointed Captain on February 19, 1929, and was transferred to the National Guard Reserve on July 8, 1931.

Captain Parrish was replaced by Captain Edwin S. Clayton who was transferred to this organization from Second Battalion Headquarters, 132nd Field Artillery, and took command on July 30, 1936, when he was promoted.

The present battery commander, Captain John T. Walker, took command on July 31, 1936 and was appointed Captain on August 11, 1936. The officer personnel at this time consists of Captain Walker, First Lieutenant James W. Kirtley, Second Lieutenant Alva R. Beans and Second Lieutenant Robert S. Whiteaker. All of these officers have come up from the ranks, having enlisted as privates.

The unit at present consists of four officers and 80 enlisted men. Several of the enlisted members have been with the unit 10 years, and one has been an active member for 15 years. One non-commissioned officer holds a commission as First Lieutenant, Field Artillery, in the National Guard of the United States. Two officers and several enlisted men are veterans of the World War.

Submitted by Cliff Fargason