Grange Hall Cemetery

Location: SE corner of CR 1208 and FM 916 west of Rio Vista.

Nolands River was an early Johnson County community, established in the late 1850s. A local club of the Grange, a farmers’ fraternal organization, organized her in 1874, and built a two-story meeting hall called “Grange Hall” that also housed a local school, church and Masonic lodge. In 1878, W.P. and S.M. Kizziar donated land to the Masonic lodge for use as a cemetery. Of the hundreds of marked graves in Grange Hall Cemetery, more than half date from before 1900. Several early unknown burials are marked by rocks or Bois D’Arc posts. The Menefee family reunion has been held here or nearby annually since 1891. Grange Hall declined after the nearby railroad town of Rio Vista was established in the 1880s. Historic Texas Cemetery – 2006

Source: Texas Historical Commission