Site of Buchanan

Location: Private-no access. From Gudley take SH 171 north about 4 miles then go east on county road about 1/10 mile to cemetery

Johnson County's second seat of government. (Wardville, just west of Nolan River, at U.S. 67, was first). Buchanan, named for president-elect of the United States, was founded in December 1856 on 60-acre townsite donated by John P. Bailey. A jail (first for the county) and office for the district clerk were built 1858. But lack of a reliable water supply hindered town's growth. Later resurvey of county lines showed necessity for a new site. In 1867, Camp Henderson (renamed Cleburne, July 4, 1867) was chosen. Cemetery is only remaining trace of Old Buchanan townsite.

Source: Texas Historical Commission