Smith-Haley Cemetery

Location: FM 916 west of Rio Vista on private property.

Haley, Thomas, Capt. 03 Jan 1817 01 Feb. 1865

Smith, V. L. born 26 April 1878

Broken stone: "____8__ 1803 02 June 1874"

Broken stone: Wife of __ Briden
12 Aug 18__ 06 Mar ____

Footstone: M. M. B.

Footstone: N. T. another stone in this enclosure says Taylor

In addition to markers Mrs. Lowell Smith says that two wives of Henry Briden are buried there: Lucinda Sevier and Annie Foard; and Mr. Taylor.

Stones were replaced on the below individuals.

Mattie M. Foard Briden
born Jan. 5, 1829 and died Mar. 6, 1881
wife of Henry Briden

Lucinda G. Sevier Briden
born Oct. 17, 1828 and died Apr. 4, 1875
wife of Henry Briden

Note: Henry Briden and his third wife, Sarah, are buried in the Grange Hall Cemetery.