Lightfoot Cemetery

Location: This cemetery is located on Vaughn Road. Take highway 174 to Vaughn Rd. and turn west. The cemetery is located approximately 3 tenths of a mile on the right. It is surrounded by Green Acres Cemetery which is located on the north west corner of the intersection of highway 174 and Vaughn Road.

Photographed and Indexed by Nancy Thomas and Tracy Sellers March 2008

Individual Birth Date Death Date Additional Information
Blackwood, Julia 10-25-1887 4-16-1971 Married William T. (Will) Blackwood Feb 26, 1905
Blackwood, William Alden 8-8-1911 12-15-1984 Married Ellen Earlene Blackwood Sept 20, 1942
Blackwood, William T. (Will) 2-17-1880 4-30-1942 Aged 62 yrs, 2 mos, 13 dys - Husband of Julia Blackwood
Carlock, Sarah Elizabeth Lightfoot 12-25-1847 1921 Married William Thomas Carlock Oct 17, 1867
Carlock, William Thomas 12-5-1839 8-18-1926 Married Sarah Elizabeth Lightfoot Carlock Oct 17, 1867
Corbin, Irene Lightfoot 5-4-1906 2-1-1990 Married William M. Corbin Dec 24, 1928
Corbin, William M. 2-21-1903 10-6-1959 Married Irene Lightfoot Corbin Dec 24, 1928
Dickenson, Ava M. Patterson 9-3-1906 4-29-1997  
Dickenson, Charles 6-19-1938 6-20-1938 "Our Little Darling"
Lightfoot, Albert L. 7-4-1873 5-25-1955 Husband of Akra Lightfoot "Precious Memories" footstone
Lightfoot, Allie Almer 10-21-1899 12-1-1977 Wife of Byron Strickland Lightfoot
Lightfoot, Akra 11-11-1870 9-17-1949 Wife of Albert L. Lightfoot " In God we trust"
Lightfoot, Baby No dates    
Lightfoot, Byron Strickland 3-5-1899 6-26-1981 Husband of Allie Almer Lightfoot
Lightfoot, Clifton 9-20-1916 2-6-1929 "Gone from our home, but not from our heart" footstone
Lightfoot, Comfort 2-25-1826 7-31-1900 Shares headstone with Simpson Lightfoot
Lightfoot, Cyril H. 5-17-1907 3-16-1972 "Brother"
Lightfoot, Elizabeth 10-8-1853 3-18-1929 Wife of W. J. Lightfoot "Dear Parents, tho we miss you much, we know you rest with the Lord" footstone
Lightfoot, Geneva Mae 5-13-1921 5-26-1923 Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Lightfoot
"Little time on earth she spent,
til God for her the angels sent"
Lightfoot, John Bailey 12-4-1903 8-5-1986 "Father - Gone but not forgotten"
Lightfoot, Opal E. 5-11-1917 7-3-1992 Wife of R. D. "Buddy" Lightfoot
Lightfoot, R. D. "Buddy" 12-6-1910 11-8-1985 Husband of Opal E. Lightfoot
Lightfoot, Richard E. 3-10-1900 1-24-1928  
Lightfoot, Simpson 5-24-1819 7-2-1882 Shares headstone with Comford Lightfoot
Lightfoot, Zula Cora 11-9-1885 10-16-1961 Wife of Walter Lightfoot
Lightfoot, W. J. 12-25-1847 2-25-1888 Husband of Elizabeth Lightfoot "Dear Parents, tho we miss you much, we know you rest with the Lord"
Lightfoot, Walter 8-12-1882 11-15-1961 Husband of Zula Cora Lightfoot
Lightfoot, William O. (Dock) 9-12-1877 9-4-1968  
Patterson, Annie C. 11-28-1884 8-2-1967 Wife of F. Marion Patterson "Her memory is blessed"
Patterson, F. Marion 7-16-1876 12-5-1952 Husband of Annie C. Patterson "His memory is blessed"
Patterson, Hubert Townes 11-14-1914 8-9-1997 PFC U S Army Air Corps WWII
Patterson, Mary E. 9-19-1917 3-30-1977 "Sweet Memories"