Confederate Indigent Families List


On November 24, 1863, the Texas Legislature passed a Joint Resolution stating that the government pledged "support and maintenance of [the soldiers'] families during their absence from home." In accordance with this Resolution, an "Act to Support the Families and Dependents of Texas Soldiers" passed on December 15, 1863. The Act set aside $1,000,000 annually to be paid the "families, widows, and dependents of soldiers currently serving in State or Confederate forces, or of soldiers killed or disabled in service." Chief Justices of the counties, on or before March 1 in 1864 and 1865, submitted lists of servicemen and the number of their dependents eligible for relief. The County Clerk administered the money distributed to the county for this purpose.

Adkins, T M Jones, S
Alexander, W M Jones, Saml
Alva, L Jones, Samuel
Arnold, M J Jones, W E
Arrington, A V Karnes, W A
Arrington, E P Keahey, G P
Arrington, J A Keahey, G P
Arrington, T C Keahy, S J
Arrington, Thos Keith, A E
Baker, R P Kenneday, J E
Balch, E R Kerr, M M
Balch, E R Killough, A M
Bales, J B Killough, A M
Ball, James R King, Joseph R
Bargeley, John King, M A
Barker, W Kirkham, John
Barnett, W B Kirkland, J P
Barnett, W F Kirkland, L J
Bean, Wm Kirkland, Margarett
Beasley, Richard Kizziar, G N
Bell, J W Lamar, W A
Bell, J W Lamar, Wm
Bell, M Landers, Abel W
Bell, Saml Landers, F M
Bell, Samuel Landers, H A
Bell, T S Landers, M
Bennett, J T Landers, S A
Berry, Lt John W Lane, M J
Berry, S C Leadbetter, A B
Billard, Wm Lee, W S
Billard, Wm Lewis, James
Billingsley, B Lewis, M L
Billingsley, Burrow Lightfoot, B B
Billingsley, E Long, J S
Billingsley, Edmonson Maddin, Thos
Billingsley, G Magby, R B
Billingsley, John Mallory, John
Billingsley, M Manley, J F
Billingsley, N Manly, J F
Billingsley, Wm Marchbanks, F W
Billingsley, Wm Marchbanks, M
Billingsly, Grandison Markum, S W
Billingsly, John Marshall, Lt W R
Billingsly, Rebecca Martin, J W
Binum, L Martin, L D
Blair, C Martin, L E
Blair, James Mathews, Wm
Blair, John Mathis, J S
Blair, L Mathis, Wm
Blair, M A Maxfield, Reuben
Blair, Wm Maxwell, A
Blakemore, D L Maxwell, R
Blanton, Ben May, F M
Blanton, Benjamin May, Joseph J
Boatright, D J Mcanear, J
Boatright, John Mcanear, J N
Boatright, W C Mcanear, John N
Boatwright, D J Mcanear, S J
Boatwright, R Mcbride, Dan
Boatwright, W Mccampson, R
Bockman, Wm Mcclain, M E
Bockman, Wm W Mccluny, Wm
Box, T W Mcclusky, T J
Boyd, Saml P Mccoy, J
Boyles, G W Mcelzia, W P
Boyles, L J Mcgoirk, M A
Boyles, Wm Mckinsey, Danl C
Bradley, A Mcneal, M
Bradley, B A Mcneal, Mary
Bransom, G W Mcwhorter, J S
Branson, G W Mcwhorter, J S
Briden, H Medford, E
Brooks, F Medford, Elizabeth
Brown, W H Merriman, S
Brown, W J Milam, Collin
Brown, W J Milam, M H
Bryan, R Mills, C
Burns, M Mills, Calvin
Burns, W H Mills, G A
Busby, N Mills, Geo A
Campbell, Henry Mills, J H
Campbell, R Mills, M F
Campbell, Wesley Mills, M V
Carnes, W A Mills, Margarett
Carter, J W Minefer, H F
Cason, L J Minefer, H F
Cason, S Minefer, W O
Cason, W G Mitchell, J
Cason, W G Mitchell, James
Castleberry, O N Mitchell, T Z
Castleberry, O N Mora, Marshall
Cathey, W H Morris, W
Cathey, W H Morrison, Hiram
Chambers, John Morrison, P
Chambers, Wm Murray, J C
Chamness, A B Myers, T J
Chandler, Wm Myers, Thos J
Chapman, Isaac Myres, D D
Cheney, M Nelson, S K
Cheney, M J Nelson, S K
Cheney, M M Nichols, Jacob
Cheney, Wm Norton, F M
Chitwood, G W Norton, J J
Collins, H Nutt, E E
Collins, John Nutt, S A
Collins, John B Odom, E
Combs, W L Odom, L E
Combs, Wm L Odom, W H
Conway, C Ohair, R T
Cook, Andrew Ohair, Robt T
Cook, W Onstott, Abraham
Cook, Washington Oxer, E
Cooper, J B Oxer, Eliza
Cooper, M L Page, A H
Cooper, M L Page, N
Cope, R F Parker, H L
Cope, R F Parker, W A
Cornelius, Thos J Parvin, Thos
Cornelius, W Parvin, Thos
Cornelius, Wm Payne, John H
Cowan, A P Peel, R D
Cowan, G A Peel, R D
Cox, Wm R Pelkington, M
Craig, W F Penn, D P
Crain, A C Pierman, J S
Crain, J Pierman, Jas L
Cretes, C A Prestage, M
Criner, M Prestage, W
Crisp, Mcneece Price, C
Crooks, B H Pyeatt, S
Crouch, E D Quinn, W S
Crouch, Wm Rash, J N
Cummings, J C Rash, S A
Cummings, J C Rawls, J T
Curry, Angus Rawls, J T
Curry, Angus Rawls, J W
Damsley, J Rawls, Wm W
Davis, A C Rayburn, W B
Davis, F M Raynor, S
Davis, F M Reece, M
Davis, M C Reeder, W M
Davis, P J Renfro, J A
Davis, P J Reynolds, Jas P
Davis, R J Reznor, Susannah
Davis, W J Rhea, M
Defer, Frances Rhodes, Jacob
Delaney, James Rice, E
Delaney, John Rice, Elias
Dendy, James Riddle, C A
Dennis, A Riddle, C F
Dennis, Hilly Riddle, John
Dennis, L Riddle, Joseph
Dickey, H H Rippetoe, W L
Dilworth, Jas D Rivers, A
Douglas, Jessee Rivers, A
Douglas, Jessee Robertson, W J
Douglas, W Robinson, A J
Douglas, Lt W Robinson, J M
Dunn, J B Robinson, S A
Dunoway, C Robinson, Wm A
Eastham, Wm Rodgers, R C
Edwards, J P Rogers, S A
Elam, J Rollins, M
Elam, J L Ross, N J
Elam, J L Runnells, J P
Elkins, Adolphus Rush, J N
Ellison, L Scurlock, Saml G
Evans, Elizabeth S Self, F M
Evans, Thos Self, S A
Ferguson, J J Sexton, J A
Ferguson, J J Shaw, Franklin
Fowler, Ellen Shaw, J M
Franklin, Anderson Sheffield, Jas
Franklin, G Shelby, W E
Franklin, John Shropshire, D N
Franklin, John Shropshire, Green
Franklin, N Shumaker, Delila
Frazier, W S Shumaker, H T
Freeland, G W Shumaker, H T
Freeland, G W Simmons, J F
Freestone, A Simmons, J T
Freestone, Amos Sinclair, John
Futhey, G M Smith, A
Futhey, Geo M Smith, Allen
Gafford, W N Smith, C M
Gafford, W R Smith, Christian
Garrett, Robert Smith, Luke
Gentry, W P Smith, M
Gentry, W P Smith, P A
Gessum, N A Smith, W D
Gibson, C Smith, Wm D
Gibson, D Snodgrass, C M
Gibson, Danl Snodgrass, Saml
Gibson, Emanuel Solomon, Sam
Gibson, J Solomon, Saml
Gilpin, J M Sparks, Absalom
Glover, J G Sparks, J J
Goen, Wm Sparks, P
Goodjoin, L G Spink, N J
Graves, R M Stanfield, E S
Graves, T C Stanton, Timothy
Grayham, E Staten, E
Green, Elijah Stephens Jr, J
Green, H J Stephens, Wm H
Griffith, Geo Stewart, Jas
Griffith, George Stewart, John
Griggs, Wm B Stewart, John
Guthrie, G A Stewart, Peter W
Hagar, G W Stinson, C
Hamilton, J L Stokeley, J
Hamilton, James L Stokes, T J
Hamilton, W Stokes, Lt T J
Hamilton, Wm Stont, J M
Hampton, Jas G Stubblefield, B D
Hardin, H Stubblefield, R B
Hardin, J Sutton, J L
Harp, E A Tabor, James
Harp, Joseph Tabor, Jim
Harper, J C Thomas, D J
Harper, Josiah Thomason, Rachael
Harrell, B S Thomerson, Jas
Harris, Nellie Thompson, S
Harris, Saml N Thornton, P
Hart, Iredale Thornton, T R
Hart, M L Tindall, A
Heath, E M Tobert, Joseph P
Heath, E M Toby, M
Henderson, M Toby, Saml
Henderson, S P Tolbert, J P
Henderson, S P Torbett, J H
Hendricks, J N Torbett, Jas H
Hennagan, S A Truett, E M
Herrell, A B Tubberville, J
Herrell, B S Turpen, John
Herrell, Wm F Turpen, John
Hightower Jr, Charnell Vanover, Sam
Hill, Amanda Vanover, Saml
Holford, R E Vanzant, John
Hood, A M Vanzant, John
Howell, T A Varnon, Richard
Howell, Thos Vernon, R H
Huffstuter, H Vickers, H P
Huffstutler, Mary Vinson, B F
Hukill, J R Voss, Wiley
Hukill, J R Voss, Wiley
Hull, E C Walker, James M
Hull, J J Wallace, E
Hull, J J Walters, M
Hull, J M Warren, J G
Hull, J M Warren, Jacob G
Hull, J M Watkins, Thos H
Hull Sr, J M Watts, E
Hull, S S Watts, Jo
Hull, S S Watts, Joseph
Hurst, C H Watts, Thos
Hurst, C H Watts, Thos
Hurst, G Weatherford, Arch
Irwin, M Wells, Charles
Jack, Wm Westbrook, J H
Jack, Wm Westbrooks, G W
Jackson, I A Whitley, Alexander
Jackson, Isaac Whitley, W C
Jackson, W B Whittey, A
Jacobs, J M Willhite, W M
Jacobs, John Willhite, W M
James, P H Williams, A M
James, Peter Williams, J M
Jobe, G Williams, John
Jobe, J Williams, R H
Jobe, Jacob Williamson, James
Jobe, Saml Williamson, Jas
Johnson, J S Willshire, W
Johnson, J S Wise, W T
Johnson, R R Wood, Malachi
Jones, C Woodson, T M
Jones, David Woodson, Thos M
Jones, I G Woodward, A
Jones, J H Wray, J P
Jones, J H Wray, James P
Jones, J R Wright, E
Jones, J W Wright, Jackson
Jones, L R Yarbrough, J W
Jones, L W Young, J
Jones, M M Young, J H
Jones, Milton Young, James H