Willis Anderson Muster Rolls

ANDERSON, WILLIS P. 33 yrs old. Private Co. I 13 Tx. Vols. Enrolled May 5, 1862 at Huntsville by A.M. Baker for duration of war. Horse $175.00 Equip. $25.00 Under Capt. L.C. Rountree’s Co. Due to show up on June 30, 1862.

Muster Rolls show: Willis P. Anderson, age 33, Co. A. 13th Texas Vols. Dated June 30, 1862

Enlisted May 5th (or 2nd) 1862 @ Huntsville by A.M. Baker for duration of war.

July/Aug 1862 Huntsville, Sept./ Oct. Huntsville, (Cpt. L.C. Roundtree’s Company Texas Partisan Rangers Jan/Feb. 1863 Huntsville

There is nothing about him being discharged but there is another Willis P. Anderson listed with the 35th Cav. Co. K. I did not print these but did make a note that stated he “caught fever”.

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Contributed by Judy Thompson