Amzi D. Anderson Muster Rolls

Amzi D. Anderson joined the Co. C 10th Texas Inf. Nelson’s Reg’t Texas Inf.

Amzi enrolled on Jan. 3, 1862 in Buchannan for the duration of the war. He was signed on by a Lt (?) J.A. Ligon. He was stationed at Fort Hebert. On the back of # 2680 it states that a Lt. Barton was in command at Ft. Hebert and Amazi was entitled to Bounty.

Amazi ‘s jackets show that he was present at Ft. Hebert till Aug. 21, 1862. This is the last notice that A.D. was actually paid. He was listed as present by Lt. Baron. On the 5th jacket, dated Nov and Dec. of 1862 under “remarks” Amazi is shown to be sick at Camp Nelson near Austin, Ark. 21 Nov. 1862. Read of events during this time period below.

There is another Muster Roll found for an A.D. Anderson as a private in the 12th Calvary, Parson’s Regiment, Mtd. Vols. 4 Texas Dragoons dated Sept. to Dec. 1863 (Dec. 19,. 1864) Which shows he enlisted on June 2, 1862 at Virginia Point, Texas under Lt. Ligon for a 3 year period. This jacket shows that A.D. is absent and under remarks it states “absent wounded in Texas”. He shows only 1 card number and that is 50293872. It is unknown at this time if this A.D. Anderson is the same as our A.D. Anderson. But I believe this to be the case. Points in favor of this finding are A.D. Anderson originally enlisted in Buchannan, Texas under Lt. Ligon and was stationed at Ft. Hebert which was located on Galveston Island. Virginia Point is located 7 miles west of the city of Galveston. Union troops barricade Galveston and it was a point of battle between the Union and Confederate forces. How and to what degree A.D. was injured we do not know. The next bit of information is that he is ill at Camp Nelson in Ark. Between November and December of 1862.

(This was in my notes but I can not find it listed on any of the muster jackets: Anderson Amzi Pvt. – Jan 3, 1862 Captured at Arkansas Post- Jan. 11, 1863)

6th jacket dated Dec. 31, 1862 –June 30th 1863 he is listed as being absent by a Capt. Cox under remarks it states : “left sick in hospital in Trans Miss. Nov 20, 1862.”

I don’t believe A.D. ever made it to fight in the Trans Miss. Department. He is listed as being absent due to illness on Nov. 20th 1862 (Dec. 1862-June 1863). The next muster roll states is dated Nov. 21, 1862 and is noted that A.D. was left “sick in hospital”. All of the other muster rolls show him as “absent” and show him last being paid in June of 1862.

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Contributed by Judy Thompson